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Planet Capital Limited is an investment-banking boutique. We provide strategic advisory services to a wide-range of clients including, High Networth Individuals (HNIs), Corporates, Financial and Governmental Institutions. Broadly, our service offerings are in the areas of: corporate advisory, financial advisory, and investment advisory.
We are licensed to operate as an issuing house, underwriter, stockbrokers, and financial advisers.

We are well peopled to deliver on these range of services, and will continually seek to attract people with strong industry experience and are passionate about investment-banking practice. Our company is a product of the merger between Strategy & Arbitrage Limited and Emerging Capital Limited.

In 2011, Strategy and Arbitrage Limited and Emerging Capital Limited, both stockbroking firms, duly licensed as dealing members of The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), initiated discussions for the combination of their businesses. The objectives were to strengthen the operational capabilities of the emergent company, increase market share and diversify their operational base to full-scale investment banking business.

The above considerations led to the consummation of discussions between Mr. Chidi Agbapu of Emerging Capital Limited and Mr. Tony Anonyai of Strategy & Arbitrage Limited; and Mr. Efe Akhigbe, a seasoned investment banker. Consequently, Planet Capital Limited was incorporated on the 13th of October, 2011, and obtained the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) license as an Issuing house, underwriter and financial adviser in June 2012.

The necessary approvals for the merger were duly secured from the SEC and the NSE. The value proposition underlying the merger is founded on superior human capital, business development capabilities and improved corporate governance and risk management. homemade 

3rd & 4th Floor St Peter’s House,
3 Ajele Street Off Broad St.

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