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PlanetCap Asset Management Limited is a Fund Manager duly licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to offer portfolio management and investment advisory services. PlanetCap aims to offer its clientele competitive portfolio returns, safety of funds, premium investment advisory, timely and accurate reporting.

Discretionary Investment Management

This allows the fund manager to take full control of the funds and apply the fund according to the investment policy statement;

• Single client portfolio
• Risk based investing

Non-Discretionary Investment Management

This allows a blend of our investment advice and the client’s preferred investment choice and Investment advisory

• Customized investment solutions
• Off shore investing

PlanetCap offers individual management portfolio services where the investor participates in the construction of the portfolio, its asset allocation and required reporting.

• Customized instruments
• Portfolio management engagement
• Participation in high yielding alternative investments
• External verification.

• Safety of funds
• Risk profiling
• Professional portfolio management expertise
• Dedicated relationship manager
• Online access to account
• Quarterly portfolio reports
• Access to high yielding alternative investments
• Financial planning training

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