Our Services

As a dealing member firm of The Nigerian Stock Exchange, we engage in the execution of clients’ mandates the following markets:

• Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE)
• Government Savings Bonds
• Over the Counter Trading (OTC NASD)

We boost the equities market with our Planet FIX trading platform where clients can trade from the comforts of their homes/offices or their mobile device.

Other stock-broking services

Investment TRACING
Planet Securities we are committed to assisting clients trace their outstanding dividends and certificates/bonuses for clients who invested in the stock market but seemed to have lost track of their investments.
We offer our services to clients for the transmission process of a deceased investors’ shares to the deceased’s family members and beneficiaries and its conversion to estate accounts.
Investment Advisory
With a view to having a seamless fund raising process, we act as intermediaries between the Nigerian Stock Exchange and clients processing new and existing issues to the public in compliance with the NSE standards.
Planet Securities Limited offers clients the opportunity to dematerialize their share certificates to electronic forms which will be credited to their CSCS account. This will guide against theft, fire or loss of the certificates.

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