Strategic Advisory

Mergers & Acquisitions

Planet Capital provides merger and acquisition advisory services to its clients on some of the most complex transactions. Our objective here is to structure value-creating deals for our clients.

Valuation & Fairness Opinion

We provide a broad range of Valuation and Fairness Opinion advisory that enables our clients to boldly make strategic business decisions.

Corporate Restructuring & Workouts

Our Strategic Advisory Services Team works with our underperforming clients to workout value-adding strategies. We critically evaluate all the issues negatively impacting performance, identify the relevant risks, assess the strategic alternatives, develop and execute comprehensive plans to address these challenges and come up with solutions.

Asset Sales & Divestitures

We assist our clients extract value from sub-optimally performing assets by performing requisite valuation of the assets, bidders´┐Ż profiling and pre-qualification, and managing the entire asset sale process in support of portfolio management and allocation efficiency.